#3 June 2020


The worlds gone fucking nuts.

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by and checking in. You either have nothing better to do or, well… that’s about it.

I’m thankful for it though! It’s been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it? Considering when I first started thinking about writing a blog I didn’t think there would be a pandemic running through the world, mass riots in America and elsewhere over civil and equal rights, and also I didn’t think I would have to cut my dogs hair myself. He typically has very long fur, which is tightly coiled and golden. He’s a Cavapu, part spaniel, part poodle, and part bat shit crazy (If you’ve ever seen my uploads to Facebook, Twitter etc, then you might have an idea what I am talking about.)

But yet here we are. In June, and it goes to show the nature of life, as the Buddha stated, is that life is filled with change and to try to hold onto life and the way things are is like trying to plat the wind. I don’t think he used that analogy, but the dog destroyed the book with the reference in. I could Google it, but I think that would be cheating.

With the world going completely insane recently, I think it’s easy to lose sight of humanity as a whole. In that, not everyone is wanting hurt others, or takes joy in watching other people in pain or other people getting hurt. Not to say there isn’t some total shit heads out there, there most definitely is. But, I think it’s important to remember that so long as you keep a pure heart and a happy and healthy mind and relationship with your body and those around you, then you are doing your part to stop the world from descending that little bit further into chaos.

I know it can be hard when we are literally being bombarded all the time by negativity. It starts to break through your resolve after a while and gets under the skin, into the blood and travels to the brain. Then before you know it, you’re joining in in the horror, and you’re no longer separate for it. You are the fuel that is making the fire burn. So don’t be like that. Before the still pond in your head begins to boil over with all the heat coming into it, turn the heat off. Do something you enjoy. Write a little, sing some music and dance around the kitchen making eggs. Or toast. Whatever you’re into these days. Just do something other than wallow on the bad things in this world and try to find something good.

 Writing –

So, considering this is a blog about writing tips, writing updates of my own and the odd terrible joke thrown in here and there, I suppose I better get into it.

So, I was looking at novel lengths the other day. Turns out they vary from anything from 50K to well over the 100K mark. Now when I wrote my debut, The Space Between Heaven And Hell, I had the idea in my head that I had to get to 100K words otherwise it wasn’t a real novel. And what I found is that when I was redrafting it, I cut out three chapters straight away. They had no place in the rest of the novel.

Don’t be afraid to shred the deadwood from your work for the sake of wordcount. I would rather read 60K of amazing sauce, than 120K of complete fucking dribble. I believe the phrase is kill your darlings, so don’t be afraid to pull the knife out (figuratively speaking of course…)

Further to this, I have set myself a tight schedule on my latest work in progress, hoping to have the first draft finished by August, and fully polished and published by December 2020. It is ambitious and at the time of writing this I only 17K words in.

 It’s slow going, considering I work full time, am a single parent, have a puppy and recently have been developing a drinking/takeaway/procrastinating problem. But right now, hasn’t everyone?

I’m working on the premise of, what if someone invented something that prevented you from dying? But it wasn’t available to everyone. What would happen to them? How would they sustain it? How would the rest of the world view these immortals? How would they view themselves?

A million different things and situations come to mind, so I have a lot I can play with. I just need to make sure I’m not playing with dead wood and I don’t drift out to sea and find no way back to shore. But that’s the fun part of being a ‘Pantzer.’ You literally have no idea how it will go or where it will end up.

And that’s why I love doing this for a hobby (hopefully full time one day, but we shall see about that.)

Another thing I have found is when I am writing fiction or working on a project, I cannot listen to music with words in it. I get to focused on the lyrics and either start typing them out on the page, or I start singing them and get lost in that instead! So its classical music or silence for me. And I don’t mind that at all. My favourite piece is Nocturne Number 2 in E Flat by Frederic Chopin.

However as I am currently writing this blog post, I’m listening to Blue October singing about wanting something. I don’t know the meaning behind the song, but does anyone really every understand the heart? Including their own?

It’s a good job I don’t have one.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well and as always, thank you for stopping by.

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#3 June 2020