July 2020.

Hi everybody,

                So I’ve been meaning to get this post up for quite a while now, and I apologize for the wait. Works been crazy, the boys been nuts, and the dogs destroyed my home on countless occasions.

But such is the nature of life.

It reminds me of the Buddhist term ‘84’ problems, not to be confused with the song by ‘Jay Z.’

It basically tells of a farmer who goes to the Buddha and lists all his problems, and the Buddha tells him he cant help him, as he believes there is a way to live a life without problems; thus the ‘84th’ problem: Not wishing to have anymore problems.

It’s a cruel world, but that’s why we love it.


So what’s new?

Well, I am very excited to tell you all I have had some new, stylish and amazing book covers designed for The Shadow Man, Tales From The Inferno and The Space Between Heaven And Hell by Lucy Howell.

I loved my earlier covers for these books, but, I felt that I needed something newer, more eye catching. And I am very excited to show them off to my dear readers and hope they set the mood of the story within them a little more.

Tales From The Inferno is looking to stay an Ebook only format for the time being, however I hope that when I have complied more darkness in my heart (worked a few more night shifts, watched the news a little more) I’ll have enough cruelty to spill out onto the page to make a couple more volumes for me to justify putting them into physical print.

The Shadow Man has been actioned for an audio book which has been recorded by the devilishly talented @SteveJVoices, and this should be set to be released on Audible in a few weeks or so.

In other news…

I am currently working on a sci-fi horror story, about a world where death is but a distant unpleasant memory. A dystopian future which follows our heroine ‘Elise,’ in uncovering the terrible secret of the new world and the sinister intent behind it.

Imagine The Hunger Games meets Minority Report, with some ghoulish delights thrown in there for good measure.

So far, I’m around 55K words into it, and I’m getting some very good feedback so far. I don’t know what I am going to call it yet, but the working title is ‘The Everlife Chronicles: Hunted.’

I’m hoping I can make a series out of it, because the story is so big, I don’t know if I could fit it into one book without it being so thick it flattens the tyres of the delivery van transporting it to your home.

Also! I’m looking in the new new year to deliver the sequel to The Space Between Heaven And Hell, and I hope to have it answer some of those questions which were lingering at the end of the last book.

I was contemplating doing a Podcast of some kind, but it isn’t the right time at the moment, and my new shiny microphone is staring at me looking very lonely. Maybe one day, but not yet.

Giveaways and promotions.

Keep a look out in the coming weeks, I will be doing a free giveaway of The Space Between Heaven And Hell with their new covers AND maybe, just maybe, The Shadow Man too. But we shall see.

Nearly time for the free promotion of the above books to come around again, so keep your eye out. Subscribe to the mailing list to be in the know, and follow me on social media.

As always, stay safe in this crazy world.

You’re the reason I can do this, and I thank you from the bottom of my black heart.

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July 2020.