November 2020 blog post

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Good day! November time, its dark, wet and dreary. The perfect conditions for getting into the Christmas spirit and cuddling up to a nice book under the duvet with a cup of hot chocolate (for the perfect recipe, and for a little extra, keep reading.) I am currently tucking into the first of the Game Of Thrones Novels by George R. R. Martin.

Hello November – From Google

Turns out he’s a pantser like me. And I think I have a tough time keeping my plot lines in check. Jesus.

Now that Halloween is behind us for another year and the pumpkins have been thrown into the compost bin, it is time to start looking forward.

Gloves, gifts and of course, books!

As part of this blog, being an indie writer myself, I have decided to begin featuring someone’s work as a way of spreading the love and showing support to those out there trying to turn this crazy hobby into a living. Living in your own dream world is one thing, being able to make a living from it is completely different.

This month, I have approached the indie author Sabrine Elouali @EloualiSabrine – Twitter, who boasts an envious 7,500 follower count of adoring fans and supporters.

In messages to Sabrine, she details her debut poetry book ‘Where Darkness Meets Light,’ a series of poems dedicated to mental health and overcoming struggles and adversity through personal experiences and growth. The title currently has a five star rating on Amazon, and is available on paperback and Ebook.

Where Darkness Meets Lights

Sabrine said to me in our conversations –

“It’s a mental health book essentially. It details my journey through my personal struggles and depicts my thoughts and feelings as they change and vary across time. My inspiration was wanting to help others and to show that they’re not alone in their thoughts and hardships.

It was also quite a cathartic thing for me to do for myself and I find writing helps me express things in a way I may not br able to say as easily.

The writing process took place over a number of years, all culminated through different periods of time where I’ve been struggling with my illnesses and all the musings I had around those times.”

A very honest and thoughtful response from Sabrine, and something I am sure readers of this blog can relate too. I talk about mental health often, and certainly the impact of how we live and interact with each other these days can have a big impact on it.

I look forward to reading it, and I am sure you will too.

Find it on Amazon here

In Other News –

I have decided to engage more on social media. If you aren’t following me already for my videos and posts of provoking questions, give away’s and tips for the writing process and getting started, then check out the links at the end of this blog. There might be some goodies for ya!

In My Current Work –

I am currently still working on The Everlife Chronicles, Book One – Hunted, where we follow our Heroine “Elise Matherstone” through the city of immortals as she fends off the creatures from beyond the wall, the “Flesh Breaker’s,” which wish to enslave and ensnare all she has protected.

Until one day a chance encounter lands her at the feet of the man who created the Everlife serum, the key to immortality, and she sees that the world around her is a lie.

Now with the jaws of certain destruction nipping at her heels, she must put her life in the hands of a stranger to save herself and those she loves, and must evade capture from not only those beyond the wall, but those she has devoted her life to protect.

A fast paced Sci-Fi Fantasy novel which will leave you guessing, as you follow the story of betrayal, love and bloodshed until its dramatic conclusion.

Writing – From Google

It’s in the third draft and its going well. I’m just under a third through it and then I can send it to Beta readers.

As a pantser, I can find the editing process a little daunting. Those who follow me on social media have seen my endless qualms and cries of such things. However, it is a much needed part and brings the story together, the end to match the start, middle to match the end etc. Not only that, but its amazing to see where the story is going and how it is devolving.

I look forward to the day I can write ‘It’s done! Finally!” and crack open a beer.

But I’m not quite there yet dear reader. A little longer.

I am also working on the next volume of Tales From The Inferno. A collection of short stories. The first instalment ‘The Nightshift,’ sees an ex oil rig worker taking a job at a warehouse as the night watchmen to help care for his wife suffering with cancer.

The boss tells stories of shadows on the camera’s, and an old employee that lost his mind. But he’s just trying to scare him. Right?

I like the style of shorter stories. Novels are great, but they take a lot of time and investment to craft. Short stories give me that break from my main work, to delve into something else. A breath of fresh air so you don’t get too worn out with the main project.

Like a drink of whisky at the end of the night when you’ve been drinking beer all evening. Keeps you fresh.

Speaking of which it was my birthday a few days ago, and the thought of alcohol makes my liver cry.

Hot Chocolate recipe –

Hot Chocolate – From Google

As promised –

Take your favorite hot chocolate powder.

Bring a pan of milk to the boil on the hob. Don’t use water. If you want a real hot chocolate, use only milk.

Place three generous tea spoons per cup into the milk and stir until smooth.

When the milk begins to steam, stir in a small helping of cream.

Pour into the cup and add some more cream and stir.

If it’s Christmas time, why not add some crème liquor or Baileys into the drink for that warm, smooth flavour?

Add whipped cream and mini marshmallows, and then take out your favourite Jay Darkmoore novel and relax.

You won’t regret it!

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Anyway, that’s all for this time.

Stay safe everyone.

Love you lots.

  • J

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November 2020 blog post