Blog post March 2021

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                Good day to all and I hope you are doing wonderful! I am sorry I haven’t posted much recently, it’s been a hectic new year to say the least. I will however ensure to bring plenty of give always and continue to interact with the lot of you. I have enjoyed many of you emailing, tweeting and messaging me on Instagram. You don’t know how much it means to have people following my work, reviewing it and posting their winnings on their social media. Everyone of you, I thank you from the bottom of my black heart.

Charity Work –

If you are following me on Instagram, you will have seen my work I have been doing for the Mental Health charity ‘MIND.’ This is a UK based charity which supports those struggling with their mental health, and I think with everything which ahs been going on recently, I think we can all agree that it’s more important than ever right now. So, for the next 30 days, I will be skipping for 20 minutes to try and raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Please take the time to check out their website, and if you are able, donate a little to my cause. Thank you!

This year seems to be promising, with the mentions of the vaccine for COVID 19 doing wonders around the world. People are getting immunised and this is helping massively to reduce the death toll. Further to this, it means with the most vulnerable members of society protected, that the world as we know it can return back to normal.

Given the absence of seeing people we love, being able to go where we please and when we please, it really makes some perspective and gratitude about the freedoms we have enjoyed for so long. I think that’s a good place to pause.

But sadly this lockdown has had a severe tole on peoples well beings, relationships, businesses and mental health. But the light seems to be at the end of the tunnel, and I hope you are still hanging on there like the rest of us.

Regular exercise, getting outside into nature as much as you can, talking to friends and family over the phone or via Facetime is a huge boost mentally. Further to this, use this spare time to explore something new, something you have been passionate about.

And as a thank you for holding in there with me, I have something exciting below to share –  


As a thank you for visiting my website, and as a thank you for being a loyal reader and for enduring my somewhat fleeting blog posts (and my at times, passive aggressive comments,) I will be making the first instalment of Tales From The Inferno, a short collection of horror stories, FREE to download as a PDF on this site.

You heard me. It will be free. It wont cost you a penny, and it is my way of saying thank you for your support.

I am doing this because last year was pretty terrible, and things look like they will be getting better again soon, so we could all do with a little good news!

There are some technical things I have to sort out first in order for this to happen, but I can assure you once it is up, I will not be charging a penny for it. All I ask, is that if you do enjoy it, you tell others about it and you give it a review on Amazon. It would help out so much.

Further to this, I am currently writing the second instalment of Tales From The Inferno, and I would like to feature one of your ideas as a story. You will receive a printed version of the book (UK) and PDF version (Worldwide) when it is done, as well as a credit and links/mentions to your own pages, works and profiles in the book.

So, you get a free book, get to pitch an idea for free publicity. Who said I was evil? (Just don’t ask my characters!)

Books and other goodies!

The Everlife Chronicles: Hunted –

Elise Matherstone, the youngest of the immortals, is pursued by those that she has spent her lifetime protecting. She has something they want, and the future of Ruma hangs in the balance.

A stranger from beyond the walls of Naka, the eutopia of the modern world, has come from the desolate Outlands to save her. But her intentions are unclear. With nowhere to turn, will Elise give herself to those pursuing her, or does she take a chance and turn her back on everything she has ever believed?

This has been my baby for the last ten months or so. I should have had it completed by now, but I had a huge set back (my hard drive broke and I lost about 60% of my edits. Always back up your work kids!) so I had to suck it up and keep going. It actually turned out better, so silver linings and all that.

It is currently in the hands of my beloved Beta readers, and then it will be in for another round of editing and hopefully be hitting eBook and paperback by the summer, assuming I don’t decide to go traditionally published with it. But time will tell.

The Space Between Heaven And Hell –

I have had a few people read the first two instalments and they are nipping at the heals for the sequel. Be patient readers, it’s all in hand. Schedule permitting, it will be ready by the end of the year. Assuming I haven’t gone insane by that point.

I am also in the process of having the first book of the series turned into an audiobook, and when this is done I will email those that have subscribed to this mailing list. Keep your eyes on the ball kids, its gonna be fun!

Tales From The Inferno Volume II –

The second edition of Tales from the inferno is coming along really well. I have just finished the first draft of The Nightshift, a psychological thriller told through the eyes of Tom Gardener, an ex oil rig worker who must settle for a minimum wage job at a disused warehouse. But when the lights start to cut out and people are seen walking the empty hallways, he tries to leave to return safely to his sick wife. But every time he tries, the hound appears, and he recedes back into the jaws of malevolence. And what’s the deal with his new supervisor Jerry? He seems a little ‘Squirrely.’

Beta readers have called it ‘Eery,’ and ‘unsettling.’ Which is always nice to hear, as sick as that sounds…

I’ve also got another story in the making. The working title of ‘Lorna.’ A tale of love, toxicity and mental health. Because we can’t let bad relationships get the better of us can we? Might as well turn them into something useful. Drawing on life experiences and all that…

I also have another couple of stories in mind, and like I mentioned above, would love to hear your ideas and pitches. Check out my Instagram and Twitter for your chance to enter! Competition ends on the 18th of March!

Or to get to me direct, email me!

Whilst you’re here, why not sign up to the mailing list? Its free, and it will give me a direct way to contact you when I have goodies to give away, ideas to purge, and of course, its nice to connect with readers too 😊

That’s all from me guys. Short and sweet.

Check out my website and the books and show your support.

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Blog post March 2021