June 2021 Blog Post

It’s been a while…

                So I would like to apologise for my absence. I have been busy procrastinating, working on other material, trying to find the meaning of life and failing miserably. However, considering I only do one of these a month, I feel that I owe it to my fans and readers to keep up the pace and to actually pull my finger out of my arse and do this more often and on time.

                I hope you have all been okay and you have read some great books in my absence. I have recently read ‘The Midnight library,’ by Matt Haig (Who actually liked one of my comments on his Instagram posts, to the envy of others…) and I found it fucking inspiring. An excellent look into ‘What if?’ Which we often find ourselves asking from time to time. What if I would have seen that relationship through? What if I had gone on that trip? What if I decided to eat that bag of Doritos instead of putting it down and going to the gym? The real questions that keep us up at night. The hard ones that even the greatest of Philosophers couldn’t get their heads, long beards and pipes that they knock on the heads of small children around.

                I also read American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis, and I now look at rats in a very different way. Trip to the zoo anyone?


                So I currently have around five stories I am working on for the next instalment of Tales From the Inferno. I had a lot of really good feedback from the first instalment, which you can find on this website in the ‘Books’ section. I really enjoyed writing them, and I have found it to be a nice little break from being focused on one project in particular. Some people go fishing when they get stuck on a problem. Some go for walks with their cat (true story). Others (like me) just write more inventive ways about people’s lives falling apart, and how the hell they are supposed to put them back together again.

                The stories are going to range from Novella size, to shorter and flash fiction. I have had a lot of great feedback from them so far, one being The Nightshift, a story of a man trying to save the life of his wife, and takes a mediocre job as a night security guard in a warehouse. The walls speak to him and the shadows dance around the place. The memory of salt water. The screams of a drowning man. And why is there a dog appearing on the monitor? Wasn’t that what the last guy said before he was found the next day by the cleaner with his hand torn to pieces in a machine? Screaming about ‘The dog! The dog!”

                Another story, which I am going to try and work out how to mail it to people who have subscribed to the mailing list (link at the bottom of this page), which is a short horror story where we see Ruth fighting her fear of the dark when a stranger knocks on the door in the dead of night.  Who is at the door? Where is her husband? Why aren’t the lights working?

The Everlife Chronicles is in its last stage of editing. It’s been a long time coming and its nearly there, just a little longer dear readers. I promise you, it will be worth the wait.

The Space Between Heaven And Hell – Revenant (Working title.) I have been doing a little something in the background. We shall see the return of a character, and it will be biblical. Stay tuned…


I have decided I am going to put some little horror shorts on YouTube to give away some of my material for free. The items will be included either on this website, mailing list or even in a book, however my dear reader, this is my way of giving something back to you. I may even narrate them myself. Now that will be a real horror story…


                I don’t know if you will have heard this phrase before. The term ‘Brain Dumping,’ is something I have heard both therapists, YouTubers and Wizards talking a lot about.

                It takes the form of essentially writing down whatever the fuck comes to your mind. This can be done for cathartic reasons, to get what you have been thinking or feeling about. Something that has been going on in your life, such as a stressful time, a worry or even a project you are struggling to complete. It’s a very useful tool and is done in three stages –

1 – The Dump.

Write. Write it down and don’t stop until its all out or your hand falls off. But you have to know that no one, not even your best friends’ dog (the really, really cute one) is ever going to read it without your explicit permission, and even then I would advise against it. This is your private space. The vault which you pour your thoughts and feelings into and never open for anyone other than yourself. It will serve you massively with stress relief and contention in your own mind. Don’t judge yourself for what you write either, that’s another key point. Write how you feel, write what you feel and do it often. We all need that healthy release. Alleviate the pressure behind that dam sometimes.

2 – Thoughts and feelings.

How did it make you feel? So if you write ‘my girlfriend cheated on me and I left her,’ you could feel a million emotions: Guilt, hatred, pain, sadness, elation the slut is gone, sadness that the children you had planned would never be born. All the fuzzy emotions that we love. Be honest with yourself. It helps a lot. Trust me on this one.

3 – Reframing.

This is a technique that allows you to put a different outlook on what you have just written. For example –

‘My girlfriend cheated on me and left me.’

Instead, you can rewrite –

‘My girlfriend showed me who she really was, and that I no longer want to invest my time and love into her anymore, and as such, I have ridden a toxic and untrustworthy human being from my life, allowing me to grow and be happy.’

Same situation – Someone bad for you is no longer there. Look at it as a good thing. They left you and showed you that they were a piece of shit before you got too involved. In a nutshell: Fuck em.

It is also really good tool for the creation process too. I find that as I don’t plan my work, I simply go and keep going until that turd becomes and golden nugget (it takes time and effort, trust me) then its good to not get so bogged down on thinking what to actually write. It’s good to let the mind wander, and see what comes out of it. We all have the delete button after all, so don’t be afraid of taking a chance.

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