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Good day

Wherever you may be, I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m going to keep this one short, as I have been accused of waffling (somewhat accurately, as I normally just blast these things out and post them without any real thought. But then again, you are on my website for free reading my shit. So I can do what I like.)

Updates –

Dystopia free stock photo

The Everlife Chronicles – Hunted.

So exciting news! I have completed the latest draft of The Everlife Chronicles! I had the edits back about a week ago and have had no life the past week going through them.  My editor is a friend of mine who works full time, so she has done an exceptional task of going through a 95,000-word (now 102,000) manuscript with a fine toothcomb in her spare time, and happily telling me where I did well, and where I should improve. So for her hard work. We agreed on a very nice bottle of Vodka, so I can’t argue with that can I?

A dystopian eutopia where inhabitants are immortal protect their secret from the Flesh Breakers that live beyond the wall in the desolate wastelands.

Elise Matherstone, the youngest of the immortals, serves the Citadel and the Elders in protecting the city. However one faithful morning, she upholds the code of the land against one of her own, uncovering the terrible truth behind those she serves in the process.

Now, the Citadel wants Elise, and the mysterious stranger Jennifer must help her to escape Naka, before the jaws of the law and her own dark past catch up with her.

An adrenaline packed fantasy epic which will leave thrills coming thick and fast, as we follow Elise through her journey of self discovery and uncovering the hypocrisy of the walls around her.

In other news –

Other projects I am working on are the sequel (that’s right, finally, a fucking sequel!) to The Space Between Heaven and Hell, of which I look to have completed once the second instalment of Tales from The Inferno is completed.

I love writing the short stories and smaller Novellas. It keeps the mind fresh and lets me try out new ideas. I like them so far, and they are nearly there dear reader. Just a little longer…

What I would like to bestow on you dear reader, is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is by no way a quick fix to fame. If its short-lived fame you’re after and to crash to earth faster than the Hindenburg, I suggest you look into becoming a reality TV star.

I see the mountain, not just the summit, for I know with each step I get closer to where I want to be.”

My Own Shit

Maybe I will add a little something into these about my personal life. I don’t have much to say other than I am in a much better place physically and mentally than I was just a few months ago. I am back going to the gym, back writing and back kicking ass. My son has turned eight recently, and nothing makes you question your own fleeting mortality than watching your baby grow older and getting his own personality.

He loves Fortnight and can beat my ass at most games now. Which is upsetting, but I like a challenge. I have also re potted my Bonsai tree, but I don’t know what to call him yet. Suggestions? Drop me an email!

I’m going to leave it there for now. Nice and short. Well, for now anyway. I will be adding a new post hopefully once a fortnight on a Monday, schedule and child permitting of course. The blogs will be more focused, more targeted to specific subjects relevant to both topics I am interested in talking about, writing and tips on doing that sadistic hobby and craft, and maybe even a couple of jokes thrown in there too and possibly some life advice.

I have had a train wreck of one so far, so I like to tell you how not to fuck it all up from the offset. I’m only joking, it could be worse, but there are things I have picked up on the way, things I wish I would have known when I was growing up.

But I wear those scars with pride. They are times when life tried to beat me but failed.

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Until next time –

Lots of love.

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July Blog Post 2021