August Blog Post 2021

Writing set up

Good day!

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Things have been going really well recently, what with The Everlife Chronicles finally being finished, and every story that will feature in the second Tales From The Inferno has had its first draft completed. And if that wasn’t enough, have you seen the new Jay Darkmoore YouTube channel yet? Lets divulge –

Personal life –

At the minute, things are going groovy: I have somehow done in my rotator cuff on my left shoulder, so I have been taking a little break from the gym recently. I think the importance of exercise for mental health and wellbeing cannot be understated, ever. Its invaluable to people’s wellbeing. It gets you moving, gets you fit, gets you feeling good about yourself, other people comment on how great you look, how vibrant, and when you find you are crushing the fitness goals, there is not better self-esteem boost than that. Trust me.

I went on a friend’s stag party the other weekend (for those Americans reading this, that’s the same as a bachelor party I think. Basically the grooms last night of freedom. Whatever…. Anyway…) and I found I wasn’t very good at shooting being multi handed, but when it came to throwing a quad bike through a farmer’s field, I loved it. Back at the stag’s house, we had a huge party and I have never been so drunk in my life. Not that I am condoning drinking to excess, I’m just telling you how I ruined my shoulder.

So after a morning and afternoon of shooting and quad biking, I get drunk and decide to challenge the biggest dude at the party to a wrestling match. I had won a few physical challenges before this: most push ups in a minute (48), longest held plank (six minutes), loudest belch (a million decibels. If you listen closely, you can still hear it.) so I figured I could take on a black belt at Judo who weighs way over twice my weight. You guessed it, I got slammed to the floor. Several times, and yes, they all hurt! Next day, fucked shoulder.

Winning badges!

So yeah, don’t drink kids. It makes you make silly decisions. Plus hangovers are the devils work too, so there’s always that.

I have also bought a new bonsai tree, which I will feature below.

Books I have read –

Seven Deadly Sins: Corey Taylor: 9780091938468: Books

With my son being off school, I haven’t had much time to get stuck into a book, what with him needing feeding, looking after etc. I have managed to finish Cory Taylors – Seven Deadly Sins, an interesting look about the world of religion, namely Christianity, and his take on the supposed Seven Deadly Sins. Its fucking hilarious, tragic and ruthless, as Cory recounts his own experiences with these sins, and his take on them. Its well worth a read. I think the end tales off a little however, albeit a great book, I think it could have been a little shorter. But hey, it’s a great read regardless. 4/5 stars from Mr. Darkmoore.

Projects –


Like I said at the start of this post, I have completed The Everlife Chronicles, and is set to be released in the next few months, likely before Christmas, schedule permitting. I have also completed the first draft of Tales From The Inferno, which will include three Novellas and short stories, some flash fiction and some longer items. All dark fantasy/ thriller/ Horror theme. I have stories about obsessive love and control, stalking, zombies, and a kid who sees red eyes at night, a man who has a bad night with a hungry dog, and a take on the old English poem ‘The House Carpenter.’ I’m super excited about it.

Give away’s –

The Space Between Heaven And Hell

I have just completed a small give away in which someone won a copy of my first Novel – The Space Between Heaven And Hell, and I will be doing more releases like this soon. The prequel to this title ‘The Shadow Man,’ is due to be released on a free promotion soon too. Watch this pace and keep up to date with my socials to keep in the know!

YouTube –

If you have been following these posts, I think you might remember that I mentioned a few months back about starting a podcast. Well, that hasn’t happened, however I have put the recording equipment to use. As Tony Robbins says – ‘Its not a lack of recourses that are the problem, but a lack of resourcefulness,’ or something like that. I don’t know, I have run out of coffee and my son is asking me for things so I can’t check. But you get the idea. Work with what you have.

The YouTube channel is my name, Jay Darkmoore, and I am going to be having a lot of fun with it. I currently have one story uploaded which you can devour within a few minutes about a terrified child that hears something scratching against his bedroom wall in the middle of the night. The Smiling Man comes to mind, anyone?

I will be featuring original horror short stories, written and recorded by yours truly. Think Creepy Pasta or Unit #522, that kind of thing, but with original content. I aim to do a couple of these a month, schedule permitting.

Creating A Ritual For Writing –

150,778 Typing Stock Videos and Royalty-Free Footage - iStock

Now, as this is a writing blog post (assuming you are still here), I should give some advice about writing.

Now, lets talk about habits, and what we can do to form a good writing habit and get into the routine. How many times have you said the famous words ‘I will start going to the gym,’ or ‘I will run three miles a day every day,’ and find that you last a couple of days at most?

There is a fantastic book called ‘The Power Of Habit,’ which goes into this in a lot more detail. But essentially, you need to make a ritual around the habit. If you say ‘I will do this’ and then find you can’t, or you quickly burn out, or when you do start to do it, at different parts of the day or in different circumstances, you are setting yourself up to fail;. Why do you think we say to brush our teeth in the morning and at night before bed? Its because we put these triggers and situations in place to allow the habit to generate organically.

My writing schedule is as such – I take my boy to school, which then allows me to go the gym (another habit built into my morning routine.) I will then go home, have some food and make a coffee. I will then sit down at the computer and will turn on the Spotify and select my playlist for that morning. Then, I load up the project I am working on, set a timer (either a long run or a sprint depending on the target word count/project) and get to work. I rinse and repeat the timers etc until I have done a few hours of writing and it is time for me to do whatever else I need to do that day before collecting my son for the afternoon.

In this that I have just said, when I get home from the gym, or sometimes if I don’t take the boy to school, I always make that cup of coffee, which leads to sitting down at the writing desk, which leads to the music going on, which all primes the brain for the habit of writing. Its not about just doing the task, but building a ritual around the task itself. That’s how we get habits to stick.

If the brush your teeth method was simply ‘brush your teeth twice a day,’ with no triggers or instructions built into it, then we would fail. Its the same as ‘I will go for a run each day.’ Okay, that sounds great, but you will struggle. Hence why we are encouraged to say ‘I will brush my teeth in the morning and before bed,’ and ‘I will go for a run in the evening after work/morning before work.’ We are adding a sense of ritual and habit to what we want to get done. Find what it is you need to do, and get too it!


I’m sure I said on my last blog post that I wouldn’t waffle as much I have today, but I had a great time.

I would love to hear from you about your thoughts, feelings, feedback and even a joke of some kind. You can sign up to my mailing list on this web page to see when new items are coming out, updates and lots of other goodies.

Check out my socials, my books and my other posts while you’re here on this page. The links are just near the top.

Anyway, as always, thanks for stopping by. I’ve had a blast as always.

Stay safe –


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August Blog Post 2021